Unsung Warriors (Hindi Translation of Gumnaam Yoddha)

Unsung Warriors (Hindi Translation of Gumnaam Yoddha)


Aditi Sharma





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In today’s fast-moving world and tough competitive day-to-day life, the youth hardly find time for remembrance of our rich heritage and past. This becomes more important when the nation celebrates seventy fifth year of independence. The fight against colonial rule in India constitutes a unique narrative, one which is not marred by violence. Rather a narrative that is full of variegated stories of valour, bravery, satyagraha, dedication, and supreme sacrifice for the freedom of the motherland. This book on unsung warriors is an attempt to recall and remember forgotten heroes of our freedom struggle, many of whom might be renowned yet unknown to the new generation. The aim of recreating and bringing forth stories, which lay as faded memories of the past, shall serve as a medium of inspiration and encouragement for the coming generations.

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