Miracles of Face Yoga

Miracles of Face Yoga


Mansi Gulati





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Book Description

This book introduces the concept of ‘Face Yoga’, a natural exercise for the face in addition to various other yoga exercises. Facial Yoga can also help you relax and rejuvenate your body. The Face yoga ‘asanas’ release stress and tension from the face and neck. They will also make us more aware of our facial muscles so that we can relax them within seconds that indirectly helps to tighten our skin. Moreover, Yoga helps in building concentration level and teaches an individual to achieve a calm mind, thus channelising energy throughout the body. ‘Face Yoga’ is a comprehensive work on facial exercises written in lucid simple language which can be easily be understood by a beginner to an eminent practitioner. The large number of photographs enable better comprehension, easy assimilation and understanding. The author offers a complete face yoga programma for beauty and general health as well as pose sequences that address specific health problems, and general well being too. The chapters have been well thought of and the book makes an interesting reading. This book is not only inspirational—urging you to ‘Just follow it and do it’—but it also gives pragmatic instructions needed to put things in the right perspective. An engaging and must read book.

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