Basic English Grammar Learn By Doing

Basic English Grammar Learn By Doing


Dr. Arun Jee





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This is a book of basic English grammar for the elementary-level of learners. It can even be used by those who want to brush up their basics. Unlike the prevailing books on grammar in the market, the focus of this book is not on learning the definitions of grammatical terms. Instead, efforts are made to let the learners identify these items and understand their functions. Rational explanations are given for the learner to understand the rules with ease. Special care is taken to expose the learners to the unique features of the English language. This is to help them avoid committing common errors. Exercises are prepared to address these errors too. The ‘Answer Keys’ to the exercises are a part of the book. The book can be used as a course for learners to acquire the basics of grammar. It may be used as a grammar book for classes 5th to 8th in the CBSE schools and for classes 9th and 10th in the State Board schools in India.

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