Democracy, Politics & Governance

Democracy, Politics & Governance


A. Surya Prakash





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This book is a collection of articles published by the author over a period of time. Much of his writing reflects the social, political and economic issues that have emerged over the years and impacted India’s politics and governance. Given his special interest in the working of the constitution, and the march of democracy since independence, the book contains chapters which specifically deal with constitutional issues, the working of parliament, the system of justice, the executive and the media. The author feels that negating the facts of history has been a major pastime of the Nehruvian and Marxist schools and that the distortions introduced by these schools need to be challenged and corrected in the current phase of national politics. This is reflected in his articles which deal with the running secular versus pseudo-secular debate as also the political battles being fought on what is ‘national’ and what is ‘anti-national’. In any case, whatever the issue and however intense the debate, he is firmly of the view that it must all happen within the parameters of the constitution.

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