Close To My Heart

Close To My Heart


Sushma Malhotra





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Book Description

The book Close to my Heart is an odyssey of my life with love for nature, time spent with my family, personal relations, pains of waiting, separating, and joys of meeting. Most of the poems are vivid imagery, deeply passionate and come straight from the core of my heart. A reader can connect to any poem and experience the same feelings during their lifetime. The mood in the Close to my Heart reflects a variety of experiences of contentment, regret, delight, loneliness, separation and ecstasy in personal, professional, and emotional life. I did not follow any traditional regular poetic scheme; however the flow of the verse sounds rhythmic. Some poems are short and some are long, yet remain focused on a particular theme and topic. Usually it’s the rejection, abandonment and the solitude that turns you to Almighty. Nowhere it is mentioned in the book; however a reader can perceive my trust and subservience to the Omnipotent. Occasionally it takes many pages to express one’s thoughts but anthology Close to my Heart is a squeezed collection of my poems with myriad thoughts and scores of experiences. Any critique or analyst can spend years paraphrasing those thoughts into writing. For a reader’s convenience, anthology is divided into very succinct six sections: Realization, Nature, Prayers, Connection, Charismatic Kullu, and Close to my Heart.

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