General Bipin Rawat: The Warrior

General Bipin Rawat: The Warrior


Manjeet Negi





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India’s first CDS General Bipin Rawat was a valiant warrior with indomitable willpower and unprecedented vision. During his military tenure, he provided intense and brilliant leadership. He was well aware that the mission he was leading, was visionary, far-reaching, for the betterment of the Forces and in the interest of the nation. He always first experimented all his suggested reforms on himself, before implementing these in the Forces. He followed ‘zero tolerance’ policy against corruption and ethical conduct in the Forces. He was the greatest pioneer of ‘Make in India’ in the Forces. He strongly supported the production of weapons and other defence equipment in the country itself. General Bipin Rawat’s impressive personality, his steely character and superb efficiency, quite simple behaviour were all so very natural and devoid of artificiality and so efficacious that any person coming in his contact, was naturally influenced by him. His military strategies, readiness to act, deep studies, analytical, fearless, sincere and bold statements, industrious nature, humane impartiality and ‘zero tolerance’ for corruption were so strong that any impartial and neutral person was forced to support his views. This book is a glorious tale of valiant and inspirational life of General Bipin Rawat, the pride of Indians.

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