The Power Is 'You'

The Power Is 'You'


Rajesh Yadav





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This book is a step-by-step process so as to teach the readers about how to uncover the real potential in you and how to be a successful person. This book is an opus of the author's hard earned intellect and how he navigated his life through various unexpected twists and turns that life has thrown at him. This is a sweet book of beautifully woven sets of experiences that by reading this, one can take charge of their life and make a 360 degree turn. It teaches the art of communication and time management in the simplest language, in order to create a better, kinder and more beautiful world. In "The Power is YOU", you will learn about:- > How your mind is the actual powerhouse and how to face various challenges of life? > What are the essential habits for success in life? > The key to have a better communication skill. > How'can YOU direct your life story and get in charge?

Rajesh Yadav
Prabhat Prakashan
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