Childhood Of Kalam

Childhood Of Kalam


Srijan Pal Singh





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Greatness is not by accident. Greatness is a quality processed, honed and learnt over a lifetime of learning and hard work. Great human beings are built when a curious mind is met with life-changing lessons, often early in childhood. Just like the nature and quality of a tree are decided by the characteristic of the seed, and how it is sown, the worth of human life is shaped in the early stage of childhood. Often these life teachings as a growing up child transform into the values which set the boundaries of one�s adult actions and govern one�s decisions. We all know Dr Kalam as an eminent teacher, an excellent President, an exception scientist, a talented rocket scientist, a team man, an institution builder and a man of ethics and integrity. But what went behind the scenes in the formative days of "Little Kalam" shaped him slowly but surely into Dr Kalam � , the man we remember and admire. This book aspires to take you into this early history of the childhood of Kalam, tracking "Little Kalam" as he begins his first steps into the sands of Rameshwaram � , which one day will translate into a march to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

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