Chanakya In The Classroom - Timeless Wisdom for Students

Chanakya In The Classroom - Timeless Wisdom for Students





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Along with being a diplomat, the great economist Chanakya was also a skilled teacher. Through his teaching, he shaped the young Chandragupta Maurya to become one of the greatest rulers of India by leading him from mediocrity to excellence. By practising his educational philosophy, even an ordinary student can move forward on the path of extraordinary progress. Chanakya put it aptly, “We are always learning in life, and from that standpoint, we are all students. Only education gives the right direction to a person’s life. Only a valuable education can help create a good future. If a student deviates from his path during his student life, his entire life can be severely affected.” Chanakya has shared many secrets of success for the students in his work on ethics—Chanakya Neeti. According to him, to become successful in life, one must follow certain rules. People cannot taste success if they ignore these rules. Chanakya has mentioned some of these special rules for the students in Chanakya Neeti. This book provides a detailed description of Chanakya’s educational philosophy so that students can experience all round development by understanding his educational messages in detail.

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