For Publishers 

Who Is This Service Available For?

This service is present for all Indian and international publishers, small, medium, and large-scale, seeking a platform that connects them with all the partners they need to function smoothly.

What Are The Charges For This Service?

Rachnaye offers a range of packages, each tailored to best suit your needs. Sign up for free and discover the payment system that works best for you.

What Exact Provisions Are Available For Publishers?

As Rachnaye acts as an ecosystem to connect individuals and organisations that are part of the publishing cycle in India, it can offer solutions to every requirement that you may have. From translators to designers, proofreaders, and fact checkers, Rachnaye connects you with individuals that fulfill your exact needs.

For Writers 

What can I share on Rachnaye?

You can share any and all kinds of works written by you on Rachnaye and help it reach a wide audience. Books, novellas, poems, articles – the only limit is your imagination!

How will Rachnaye help me publish my book?

Rachnaye acts as the ideal platform for you to start publishing. It helps you grow a fanbase of readers through our App, and connects you with publishers who may be interested in publishing your work. Once you’ve passed that stage, we also help you connect with designers, translators, distributors – one platform that gives you all that you may need.

How do I start writing?

That’s super easy! All you need to do is create your account and start sharing your work. Your audience awaits! 

For Readers

What does Rachnaye offer me?

The Rachnaye app is a state-of-the-art reading platform that allows you to choose from thousands of ebooks as well as access physical books from Indian publishers you would have struggled to discover earlier.

How do I discover new authors on Rachnaye?

Rachnaye is bringing authors across the country for you, on one app. Discover writers across states, languages, and mediums, and rent or buy the work of your choosing.

How do I pay for reading on the Rachnaye app?

Unlike other applications, Rachnaye gives you the option of only paying for the ebooks you wish to read. That’s right, no unnecessary monthly payments! What’s more, Rachnaye also gives you the option to purchase physical copies of books directly from the publishers.

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