My Transportation for Life

My Transportation for Life


Veer Savarkar





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The story is told. The curtain has been brought down on it. Two life sentences have been run. And I have brought my recollections of them within the cover of this book. They are narrated in brief and put together within the narrowest. When I came into this world, God sent me here, possibly on a sort of life sentence. It was the span of life allotted to me by time to stay in this "prison-house of life". This story is a chapter of the book of life, a long story that has not yet ended. You can finish reading the book in a day, while I had to live it for 14 long years of transportation. And if the story is so tiresome, unendurable and disgusting to you, how much must have been the living of it for me! Every moment of those 14 years in that jail has been an agony of the soul and the body to me and to my fellow convicts in that jail. It was not only fatiguing, unbearable and futile to us; it was equally or more excruciating to them than to me. And it is only that you may know it and feel the fatigue, the disgust and the pain of it as we have thought it that I have chosen to write it for you. - Excerpts from this book This is the story of Swatantrayaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a great revolutionary, politician, poet and seer who tried to free India from the British yoke! British policy was to torture and persecute the political prisoners/revolutionaries so that they would reveal the names of all their colleagues or go mad or commit suicide. My Transportation for Life is a firsthand story of the sufferings and humiliation of an inmate of the infamous Cellular Jail of Andamans, the legendary Kala Paani. The physical tortures inside the high walls were made all the more insufferable by the sickening attitude of the men who mattered - the native leaders back home. This is a running commentary on the prevalent political conditions in India and a treatise for students of revolution. It is a burning story of all Tapasvis who were transported to Andaman.

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