Mirror of Fortune

Mirror of Fortune


Dr. A. Shanker





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Book Description

This book ‘Mirror of Fortune’ is such an instrument to know the circumstances and conditions of life through astrology that leads to recognizing the signs of favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Those who believe in and practice jyotish, need it at every step. Yet, sometimes when a person with dexterity in this sphere is not found, people have to face serious problems. In today’s life those having insufficient knowledge and who have travelled frequently and stayed in jungles and deserts they too face difficulties. The sphere of astrology is very wide. One should have mastery over its different aspects to comprehend satisfactorily. Unless and until one attains deep knowledge and expertise his sincerity and honesty remain dubious. Meanwhile, whatever I could gain through my study and experience I have put together in this book. I take no pride in doing so as I am not an erudite scholar who is presenting his views to impress readers of his merits and accomplishments. To me there is no difference between fame and the sun of a rainy day.

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