Albert Einstein: A Complete Biography

Albert Einstein: A Complete Biography





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Albert Einstein’s life was extraordinarily complex, even more complicated than his complex equations. Thus, the life of the founder of the fourth dimension was multi-faceted. Sorrows made his life shine like gold. He was engaged in welfare work till the last moment of his life. He did such a marvellous job that after working further on his works, scientists continued to receive doctorates, fellowships, and other awards. He loved children, students, and the poor. He always looked for inventive ways to work for them. By selling his signatures, photos, research papers, and messages, he gathered the necessary means for them. He had a great sense of humour. Einstein was a scientist equivalent to Newton. He was courageous like Bruno and Galileo, like Mahatma Gandhi in simplicity, and selfless like Sri Krishna. Each of his qualities was enough to make him great. The book presents an exploratory view of various aspects of Einstein’s life. I am sure, the life story of this extraordinary personality will prove to be interesting, inspiring, and useful for the readers.

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