The Untold Story Of Kakori

The Untold Story Of Kakori


Smita Dhruv





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Do you remember “Kakori train loot” by Ten heroes ? It happened on 9th August, 1925. A real life drama by India’s martyrs around which this fiction is written. India’s Non Co-operation Movement against the British Government was started with a promise to free India within a year. When it was withdrawn abruptly in 1922, thousands of young freedom fighters were disillusioned. This deceit saw birth of a large number of revolutionaries fighting with all their might single-handedly against the ruling British in India. On this day, a team of ten young boys looted treasury of the Indian Railways near Kakori Railway Station, next to Lucknow. An event in the Golden history of India’s freedom fights and is a fictional story woven around it. This book brings alive those shining moments of gallantry by young, brave martyrs, who till today remain unknown to us. A nail biting portrayal of mental agony, dilemma and _ survival issues from the lives of heroes of our country and their families is a tribute to the Kakori boys

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