Bebond the Misty Veil

Bebond the Misty Veil


Aradhana Johri





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Book Description

Uttarakhand is the land where magnificent temples are dedicated not only to Brahmanical deities but also to folk Gods who are as colourful as they are revered. These grand edifices are virtually poetry in stone where every stone tells a story. Their ornamental exuberance and intricate craftsmanship can be compared to the handiwork of a gem setter as they stand in timeless harmony with centuries settling softly on their shoulders. Encompassing the faith of millions of people they are also the windows to the past of this proud land where there is little recorded history. But most fascinating are the manifold legends that they clasp to their bosoms as they stand tall at the cusp of heaven and earth. Here mythology merges into reality. These temples talk. The Himalayas speak. The author has listened to them and attempted to lift the misty veil to capture some of the fascinating stories of Gods and Men, as seen through the eyes of these temple. This book is perhaps, one of the first such documentations of the temples of Uttarakhand.

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