A Sindhi Mother’s Cookbook

A Sindhi Mother’s Cookbook


Duru Sachdev





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Book Description

A Sindhi Mother’s Cookbook is, like any other task mother undertakes, a labour of love. It is a wonderful compilation of recipes from a typical Sindhi kitchen that is mindful of modern lifestyles. Written with great clarity and with easy-to-follow instructions, it gently encourages even the most hesitant to try their hand at producing authentic dishes from this age-old cuisine. But the flavours imbued by the ‘Sindhi Mother’ permeate much more than the simple detailing of ingredients and method: they are evocative of the dining table, leisurely family gatherings, of shared meals prepared and served with the utmost care and savoured in appreciation — of the food, the company and, most of all, the individual who laboured over it with such love. And that is what makes the difference.

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