A Hindu View Of Arts

A Hindu View Of Arts





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The curiosity and interest of European art-lovers in the aesthetic aspect of Hindu life continued uninterruptedly. That gave rise on the one hand to ever-increasing appreciation by the genuine devotees of arts and, on the other, jealousy and anxiety on the part of imperialists and their stooges in the field of art. The sculpture of ancient and medieval India claims its place on the very highest levels of artistic achievement. We shall not find a sculptural art of a more profound intention, a greater spirit, a more consistent skill of achievement. An assured history of two millenniums of accomplished sculptural creation is a rare and significant fact in the life of a people... All Hindu Art orginates from, is dedicated to, and finds its fulfilment in, the realisation of the Absolute, the One without the second. Art is charged with a spiritual message in India today, the message of the Nationality... Hence, art offers us the opportunity of a great common speech and its rebirth is essential to the up-building of the motherland its reawakening rather.

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