There I Was - Media Musings

There I Was - Media Musings


Aruna Ravikumar





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Living through dramatic times as one of the first woman political journalists in the broadcast media in the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh when private television channels breezed through the regional landscape in the mid-nineties, Aruna Ravikumar witnessed momentous developments and historical events frozen in time. ‘There I Was’! Media Musings'’ is a compelling read about her foray into journalism which unwittingly began with her listening to interesting news discussions by fellow morning walkers when she accompanied her grandfather to Hyderabad’s famous tank bund, culminating in her moderating political debates in television studios. Political intrigues, destruction of cities, caste conflicts, faction politics, and naxalite violence are part of the mosaic of experiences chronicled here with historical perspective and personal observation. Sketches of select celebrities from hundreds of interviews over decades will inspire awe and admiration in a world woefully lacking role-models. The book essays learnings from the media taking in its sweep, crowning successes and glaring failures and a wide gamut of issues in between.

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