Abdul’s Journey from Zero to Hero  in the Share Market

Abdul’s Journey from Zero to Hero in the Share Market





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In the book that is in your hands, famous writer Mahesh Chandra Kaushik has attempted to explain the share market right from its ABC upto option trading by means of a story. The book contains the essence of his 12 years of experience in share market. If you go through every page of this book with full attention, you would start treating share market as a child’s play irrespective of your level of inexperience now. This whole story is closely linked and hence, you would have to read the entire book right from the first page up to the last page; if you hurry up or skip and jump over to subsequent chapters, it is likely that you may be deprived of the benefits of knowledge that this book would otherwise provide. Hence, please patiently read and understand the book from cover to cover. In that case, definitely it wouldn’t take time for you to reach the pinnacle of share market.

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