Dharma and Communalism

Dharma and Communalism


Narendra Mohan





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Selfishness and arrogance have become so inextricably associated with distortion and misconception of religion that the ordinary person is forgetting the real concept of religion has started accepting divided consciousness as the true form. Many of the different religions that have emerged from divided and self- oriented consciousness are flourishing only because of their ego, selfishness and aggressiveness. This very aggressiveness adopted under the cover of religion is ‘Communalism’. This aggressiveness was adopted sometimes for political reasons, sometimes for economic reasons and sometimes for social reasons. Today, the situation has deteriorated to the extent that the money power, wiles and muscle power are being used openly by different groups to impose their own so-called religious philosophies, that too in the name of civilisation and culture. The goal of religion is to eliminate discriminatory misconceptions and ignorance. But the reality is that this elimination has to be done through cognition at the individual level itself. From this point of view, the existence of the power of duality cannot be denied. Just as the existence of wave in the ocean cannot be denied, the existence of the wave of duality in the ocean of the Supreme Consciousness will have to be accepted; but keeping in mind that the real existence is not that of the wave but of the ocean.

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