Socrates: A Complete Biography

Socrates: A Complete Biography


Arun K. Tiwari





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Socrates had an early interest in the scientific theories of Anaxagoras, who taught the world that there are an infinite number of different kinds of elementary particles (atoms), and it is the action of the mind upon these particles that produce the objects that we see. Socrates believed that the senses of the body create difficulty for the Mind to think, and thus, he came to regard the physical world as deceptive. Socrates believed that his work, which he sought to understand through critical questioning and dialogue, was given to him as a divine mission, and hence, was his duty. His total lack of interest in material possessions was evident by his being always barefoot and wearing an old cloak the whole year around. His habit of going barefoot even in winter showed his power of endurance as well. To him, the aspiration for virtue was the highest aim anyone could have.

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