The Life and Times of Charlie Chaplin

The Life and Times of Charlie Chaplin


Nandini Saraf





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Charlie Chaplin, the universal comic icon, who with his lovable portrayal of a ‘tramp’made and still makes the world laugh, continues to live in popular memory. The Hitler’s toothbrush moustache, the bowler or derby hat, the coat a size or two too small, the baggy trousers, the floppy shoes and the cane made him the most unforgettable character. The mere mention of his name conjures a picture of him as the tramp. One of the most pivotal stars of the early silent era of Hollywood, Charlie Chaplin’s films made everyone laugh and cry at the same time. The world cinema is indebted to him for films like ‘The Kid’, ‘The Gold Rush’, ‘The Circus,’ ‘City Light’, ‘Modern Times’ and ‘The Great Dictator’. An enigma to the world, people have vast curiosity about his life and his body of work. This book is an attempt to unravel the various aspects of his life and his struggles. The happiness and the despair, the controversies and the acclaim are all revealed in this authentic biography of this great legend.

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