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Mahabharata has been called the Pancham Veda. The epic describes the story of Aryavrata or India's entire history. It has been inspiring the life of the people of our country by the depiction of ideal male and female characters in it. Although the number of people who know a little about the Mahabharata runs into millions, yet a lot about it remains unknown. To read, understand and absorb a voluminous epic like Mahabharata is tedious and time consuming. Mahabharata is like an ocean, the deeper you go the more you discover. It is an immeasurable treasure trove of knowledge. There is well researched information about nearly 200 characters. 'What was the name', 'Interesting information', 'How they got their names', 'An ocean of relationships', 'Boons and curses', 'Fate', 'Numbers' are some of the prominent chapters which make up the total of fourteen chapters making this book a virtual dictionary about the Mahabharata. This book is not only important for the common man but also for writers, scholars, editors, researchers, teachers and students.

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