Make Mathematics Your Best Friend

Make Mathematics Your Best Friend





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As the name suggests, Make Mathematics Your Best Friend deals with around 140 questions which every student must know to understand the basic fundamentals and upgrade his mathematical skills. Topics include numerical operations, measurements and geometry, patterns and functions, probability and statistics, sets, inequalities, fundamentals of algebra, decimals, common fractions, motions, direct and inverse proportions, averages, divisi-bility, rational and radical expressions, degrees and radians, trigonometry, complex numbers, quadratic equations, transformations, circle rules and many more. The questions have been taken from different branches of mathematics with the aim of reducing the phobia and making it an entertaining and interesting subject. This book is an attempt to make clear the basic fundamental concepts which you always wanted to know. It has been designed for students in the age group of 10-18 years who are inquisitive by nature and want to understand and master the basic reasoning of every why and how in mathematics. The beauty of this book is that its simple and logical explanations can be understood even by a layman.

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