Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation


Stephen Knapp





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"Sages of India have been practicing the science of Yoga for thousands of years. There are numerous benefits of yoga. On the mental level, it strengthens concentration, determination, and builds a stronger character that can more easily sustain various tensions in our lives. The assortment of Asanas also provides stronger health and prevents various diseases. It improves physical strength, endurance and flexibility. Its ultimate purpose, however, is to purify and raise our consciousness to a level in which we can directly perceive our real identity and the spiritual dimension. Then we can have our own spiritual experiences. The main objective of this book is to create more informed and conscious practitioners of Yoga. ‘Yoga and Meditation’ discusses the benefits of Yoga, both physical and spiritual, its types and methodology in detail. The present book is a guide to not only Asanas that help treating various diseases, but also to the methods for using important mantras to enhance the effects of Yoga.

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