Encyclopedia of Bihar

Encyclopedia of Bihar


Arunima Kumari





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Encyclopedia of Bihar Bihar has been a place of destination even for foreign travellers too, like Albaruni, Megasthenese, Phaiyan to Xuanjang due to its wide spread pristine beauty, greeneries, glorious past, vibrant culture, lip smacking cuisines and the generosity of the people. This book is an effort of the writer to explore the age old pride, untapped stories and unfortunately unsung Vihara of tourism i.e. Bihar. Bihar is a place where Maharshi Kautilya took birth, Buddhism germinated and Jainism flourished and enlightened the whole world. During 5th to 12th century A.D India was leading world in imparting knowledge through world fame Universities like Nalanda and Vikramshila. This book is a conglomeration of its true picture of its Historical, Geographical, Economical and Industrial glimpses. At the same time its Agricultural status, Economical view, Art and Cultural panorama have been well documented in a systemic manner, for any candidate who is going to appear in any competitive exam especially in BPSC and UPSC.

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