Option​s Trading Handbook

Option​s Trading Handbook





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Options Trading Handbook There are thousands of books on Options but you wouldn’t find the knowledge that this book provides. The writers provide you descriptive knowledge of options, option Greeks etc. None of the books would provide you the practical concepts on Options that may enable even a semi-literate person to use Option Trading to get rich. This book, that covers the latest information right from the ABCs of Options to Option Greeks in a very simple language, is a rare work of Mahesh Kaushik, the most read research analyst of the Indian stock market. Kaushik likes to explain complex subjects in simple terms. Keeping the same in mind, this book has also been written in the format of a story to ensure you don’t get bored at any point while reading it. The character in the story Ghisu Bhai is a common waiter and the book, witten in an autobiographical style, describes how Kaushik went about teaching him Option Trading.

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