IAS-IPS Success Path

IAS-IPS Success Path





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IAS/IPS services are considered to be the most prestigious services in the country, so as much as these services are respected, there are some misconceptions about the examination related to these services. Every educated and promising youth of the country wants to get the position and prestige that comes with these posts, but at the same time, there are many questions in their minds regarding this examination, such as when to prepare, where to do it, which books will be appropriate to study, etc. Every year lakhs of candidates appear in this examination, out of which only a few can reach their goal by crossing the threshold of this examination. This book gives proper guidance to the candidates to reach their goal, as well as provides them with mental support while resolving their doubts. The stories of successful candidates given in the book will inspire the readers. This book does not cover the UPSC syllabus but removes the misconceptions and confusions in the minds of the candidates in the context of the exam and motivates them to be serious towards their goal.

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