K.R. Malkani Hindu-Muslim Dialogue

K.R. Malkani Hindu-Muslim Dialogue





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The BJP believes in the unity of the Hindustan Peninsula and the equality of all its people. It stands for “Justice for all and appeasement of none”. It welcomes diversity so long as it does not destroy our overall unity. It invites the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to get over the trauma of the last fifty years, and draw on the historic experience of preceding centuries to weave a new and happier pattern of life in the Hindustan Peninsula. After all the hullabaloo about riots, most of the Hindus and Muslims are living in peace and amity most of the time. India and Pakistan, with all their hostility, have never fought for more than two weeks at a time. (Iran and Iraq bled each other for eight long years!) Even in the year of Partition, the best singers in Har Mandir, Amritsar, were Muslims. The men, who built the ‘samadhi’ of Dr. Hedgewar, the founder of RSS, in Nagpur, were Muslims. With all our diversities, we in the Hindustan Peninsula are One People, whatever the number of states. We can, and must, live in peace and amity. — from this book

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