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Mathematics fascinates those who love it but there are many who are scared of it because of its lengthy calculations. However they show their love for mathematics in other ways. The aim of writing this quiz-book on mathematics is to augment the knowledge of budding mathematicians on its basics in addition to its history. The questions from different branches of mathematics, with more than 60 images of mathematicians, curves, graphs and mathematical shapes have made it an extraordinary book. The 18 topics, 1000 questions, around 100 images prove undoubtedly, this book is better in all respects. 1. Who is called the �Euclid of Algebra�? 2. What is the value of Golden ratio which is made popular recently by the book the Da Vinci Code? 3. Which civilization used the sexagesimal system in mathematics? 4. What do mathematician call a regular polygon with eight sides? 5. What is the measure of each angle of an equilateral tirangle? and so on... �from this book

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