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Chetna Hero English


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Chetna is a movement to recognise, appreciate and support goodness in the world. Living up to its mission of ‘Spreading Goodness’ and with the aim of inspiring many to follow goodness in life, the Chetna honours men and women across India, who are brave enough to go against the flow and reach out to help other individuals and families in need. These men and women are recognised as Chetna Heroes. Chetna Heroes are those people who have chosen to speak up through their deeds. None of them began their activities for social good as a broad-based, well-planned and well-funded programme. They simply responded to silent cries for help of people they came into contact with and they did not stop after answering the first cry. These Chetna Heroes continued to ask themselves—“What more can I do?”, “Who else needs this type of assistance?” The answers to these questions shaped their lives into the stories of inspiration that they are today. Chetna is presenting this Coffee Table Book—CHETNA HEROES—To appreciate applaud the dedication and selfless service of these great human beings. We believe that the stories of ‘Chetna Heroes’ will inspire many to follow suit, in embracing and supporting goodness. This very thought is the basis of publishing this Coffee Table Book.

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