The Infinite

The Infinite





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Our life is sprinkled with anecdotes and their narrative tales, and one does not have to traverse too far and wide to stumble upon them. A connoisseur can identify them with an insightful profundity and a perceptively sensitive observance. The compositions of stories compiled in The Infinite are testimony to this. Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' has accentuated his truthful observations in his stories, standing on the rough surface of life. It is worth noticing that numerous stories of 'Nishank' are the narrative sagas of the marginalised people. 'Nishank' has collected story threads from poverty, the commodification of relationships, subject matters about women, and the ironical circumstances engulfing human life etc. While working on the warp and the woof of his narrative sources, he captures his readers' attention and does not deviate them from the labyrinth of his imagination. His narratives speak volumes in a simple language filled with simplicity.

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