Scattered Thoughts

Scattered Thoughts





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This book is a presentation of myself as it shows my views and my inner self. I am deeply touched by the happenings around me. Present comes out of the past and gives a new direction to the future. I see traditions crumbling, values changing and new methods being adopted in society. I am elated to see the fast forward movement in technology ‘and science but I am depressed at the faltering ways of living found in .the new system of the society of today. You can read the articles at random as they bear no connection to each other. The only remote connection can be that they are all the inner thoughts of one individual who has observed and reflected. My life has been one of turbulence, doubts and disappointments. I had often cried within myself as I found life tiresome and defeating. I would have fallen down and finished myself in despair. But a strong hand lifted me up, the hand of the Divine, my Mother Divine.

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