Hindu Dharma And Sanskriti

Hindu Dharma And Sanskriti





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DHARMA and RELIGION are altogether different conceptions. Even as per the Oxford dictionary, ‘DHARMA’ means “eternal law of Universe” whereas ‘RELIGION’ means “a particular way of worship and faith.” All of these rules, laws etc. [pertaining to Dharma] have been observed, understood and realised by the people known as Hindu and hence Dharma is known as Hindu Dharma. However, these rules-laws etc. are applicable to every human being (Manav) all over the world (Vishwa), not confined only to Hindus. Hence, Hindu Dharma is Manav Dharma or Vishwa Dharma – the global ethics applicable to the entire humankind. If we look at the things which are considered as very sacred/pious in Hindu Dharma, it can be seen that each one of them possesses special qualities which are quite unique and useful for humankind. The Hindu Sanskriti has a special feature of wishing the well-being of ALL human beings (not just Hindus).

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