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Ramjanmabhoomi’ means the birthplace of Lord Rama who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The birth place of Lord Rama is situated in Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh which makes Ayodhya one of most sacred places for Hindus. In 1528, Babar who had invaded India, got the Ram Temple demolished and built a Mosque like structure over it. Since then, Hindus have been trying to get this place back and build a Ram Temple on it. Many Hindus sacrificed their lives for this cause. In recent times, the movement to build a Ram Temple was launched in mid-1980s. It became one of the defining moments for India as it brought a paradigm shift in Indian politics too. The case to build a Ram Temple at Ramjanmabhoomi also has the distinction of being the longest running legal battle in the history of the world. The matter was finally decided by the Supreme Court in 2019 paving way for the construction of a Ram Temple at Ramjanmabhoomi. This book explores all these facets of ‘Ramjanmabhoomi’ and brings together at one place all the important details of this grand and tumultuous saga. It starts with the birth of Lord Rama and culminates with the verdict of the Supreme Court exploring how this saga unfolded on battle fields, archaeological sites and in court rooms and newsrooms. Backed by historical documents, scriptures, anecdotes and documented debates on this issue, this book takes you on a journey which spans over thousands of years and helps one understand the historicity as well as significance of Ramjanmabhoomi.

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