An Alternative Perspective On Education

An Alternative Perspective On Education


Atul Kothari





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Education is the foundation of the development of any country. But in our country, the First Education Policy was framed in 1968, 21 years after independence; the second policy was formulated in 1986; 34 years later, India got the National Educational Policy-2020 on 25th July, 2020. Besides these, certain commissions were also constituted for reforms in education, which made some good recommendations, but these could not be implemented for sheer want of political will. For an instance, the Kothari Commission in 1968, recommended 6 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for expenditure on education, which was also adopted by the Education Policy-1986, but this is yet to be translated into practice. If we ignore pre-colonial period, the Bharat of post-independence has not yet been able to determine the aim of education. Character building and moulding a human i.e. holistic development of personality should be the aim of education. Essays on related subjects are included in this book. To identify the issues and problems that plague the education, and their solution, we carried out basic but innovative experiments in schools, colleges and universities. The original experiences of these exercises have been penned down as articles and research papers. This book is an anthology of the related writings.

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