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Separated by destiny, Colonel Ravi Malhotra and Dr. Saumya Sarkar, two childhood friends, accidently met each other in a train while going to Mumbai to spend their holidays with their children. Both were now single having suffered grave tragedies in their married lives. Childhood memories began to haunt them. Sharing their pleasures and pains, they emotionally came closer to each other that sprouted their passionate love. Keen to explore a bright future, they decided to go to Pune instead of Mumbai. Here they secretly married without informing their children and without their participation. Children suspected their relations and began to peel off the layers of lies so carefully guarded by their parents. Intelligent as they were, they finally discovered all details of the truth. Always encouraging their parents to remarry in middle age and enjoy a happy married life even if their children cared for them, they decided to play a game with them to get the truth out of them which is the core of this suspenseful romantic comedy.

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