Not Much Is As It Seems

Not Much Is As It Seems


Navniit Gandhi





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It has often happened with all of us. A friend turned out to be quite different from what he or she had seemed to be! Or, a relative from whom we never expected much, came before us in a different light altogether when the going was rough for us. Or, just when we thought that a much-coveted job would give us the ultimate joy, life took a different turn altogether... Haven’t we often been caught off-guard thus? Even situations, which we had firmly labelled as unfortunate or wonderful, ultimately belied all our emphatic declarations. Yes, all of us have a limited sense of comprehension. And we are very complex beings. The situations that life presents us with, are quite perplex too. We just cannot fathom a person or a situation in its truest form and in its entirety. Most of the time, we err gravely, in concluding about people and circumstances. It is important to take a pause, and look beyond what is obvious...In doing so, it may dawn on us that not much is as it seems to be!!!

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