Towards the Sound: Understanding Our Origins

Towards the Sound: Understanding Our Origins


Suryansh Shekhar





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Book Description

A Journey through Consciousness It is such a pleasure to open a book and be met with an excellent writing: a mellifluous flow of deeply-considered thoughts and fine expression. That is the experience of reading Suryansh Shekhar's ""Towards the Sound"". He brings a remarkable youthful vigor to a world of deep intellect. Who we are, who we think we are and how are these identities constructed? In today's matter-of-fact world most people live in thoughtless oblivion, not searching for such knowledge. The author takes us into a world of nuanced understanding, through logical and brilliant journeys into essential truths. This is a delightful must-read book for every sensitive person who likes to examine his travel through life. The author presents a handbook of understanding oneself and one's interactions with the world. He offers a path to freedom, leaving behind the chains of our previous conditioning. Finally, I must say that the entire journey of the book, through the many caverns of the mind, is shared through a clearly and wonderfully-written prose.

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