You Too Can Be An Intelligent Investor

You Too Can Be An Intelligent Investor





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The stock market is volatile and investors want to take advantage of these fluctuations. For this reason, when the market rises, they buy shares at high prices in the hope that the market will rise even more, and when the market starts falling, they sell the shares at a very low rate based on the concept of stop loss. But by doing so, they convert themselves into speculators instead of an investor. A smart and intelligent investor must always analyse the long-term growth potential of a company and the efficiency of its management before making an investment. This book is a Complete Guide to Investing in Stock Markets, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Commodities and Currencies; Key Investing Facts from New Investments to Advanced Level in One Book. Special Attractions of this book: 1. Super Breakout Method for Intraday 2. I-5 Methods for Regular Monthly Income from NiftyBeez 3. Flow Method of Investing in Commodities Like Gold and Silver 4. Calendar Spread Method of Currency Trading

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