Arise, Awake & Don't Stop! Complete Book of Yoga

Arise, Awake & Don't Stop! Complete Book of Yoga


Swami Vivekanand





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There are various ways to attain realization and these methods have “the generic name of Yoga. These yogas though divided into various _ groups, can principally be classified into four (Bhakti Yoga; Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga) and as each is only a method leading _ _ indirectly to the realization of the absolute, they are suited to . different temperaments. RAJA YOGA: The chief parts are the Pranayama, concentration, and meditation. For those who believe in God, a symbolical name, such as Om or other sacred words received from a Guru, will be very helpful. BHAKTI YOGA: Bhakti or worship or love in some form or other is the easiest, pleasantest, and most natural way of man. JNANA YOGA: This is divided into three parts, First: hearing the truth — that the Atman is the only reality and that everything else is Maya (relativity). Second: reasoning upon this philosophy from all points of view. Third: giving up all further argumentation and ‘realising the truth. KARMA YOGA: Karma Yoga is purifying the mind by means of work, Now if any work is done, good or bad, it must produce as a result a good or bad effect.

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