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Life Trials





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Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal "Nishank", like all romantic poets, is generally a poet who is strong-willed and intelligent and possesses an unusually subtle mind. While going through his poetry and nature poetry, we see nature sympathetically with unusual unreputable emotional responses. Moreover, it stands in sharp contrast to rationalistic moods. Nishank is fond of personifying nature and is desirous of associating with the beauteous forms of the world that coexist with the laws and order of the universe. When Nishank fuses scientific and religious notions, he proposes a metaphysical idea adapted to the cosmos' natural design. Hence, through this choicest collection of his poems, Nishank agrees with the universal phenomenon that nature provides an influence which spontaneously refines and purifies the soul of the human generation. A "must-read" collection of representative poems of Shri Nishank.

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