Officer On Deck

Officer On Deck





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Comicdom and amusement over and under the seas and on shorelines: yes, it did and does exist. As sea gulls cluck and float in the air with dolphins and porpoises moving smoothly at speed alongside accompanying ships over the big blue yonder-we humans in the Naval arena add our bit of fun, dark humour and many times-downright mirthful laughter. Here then are collection of 52 of the best real-life anecdotes I have encountered or heard, during a supremely exciting journey in the domain of Varuna or Poseidon or Neptune (take your pick-all are sea Lords and Gods). As you float in a hammock on a balmy afternoon on the Sea of Life, with a cool breeze ruffling your hair and dreaming of lands afar, let these tales add zest and raise chuckles and chortles...

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