Your Miracle in Making

Your Miracle in Making





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‘A Safe Pregnancy and Genius Child does not just Happen’ but is a collective effort of conscious, well informed, actively involved parents and their medical service providers. Pregnancy is the most enjoyable phase in the life of a woman. A lot of preparations are to be done for the new arrival. Correct scientific information in concise, easy to understand and utilisable format empowers pregnant women by gaining the knowledge on physical and emotional changes, common symptoms and remedies, ideal nutrition, child development, proper ante and postnatal care and child birth. The book is an extract of latest science ‘Garbh Sanskar’ with its modern relevance. ‘Your Miracle in Making’, published in four languages—English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi, is a book very meticulously prepared for the ‘to be parents’. This book on pregnancy would tell a couple everything they need to know about the most important event of their life.

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