I Will Ever Remember Them

I Will Ever Remember Them


Anandiben Patel





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Anandiben Patel is a unique personality; while on the one hand she is a strict administrator, on the other hand, her presence among the public is like an affectionate & loving mother. Being the daughter of a farmer, Anandiben's personality has the gentleness of the dust of the earth and the fragrance of the soil. She recognizes herself as a sensitive teacher among the people. If one takes a look at her life-journey from teacher to a statesman, then parity, affection and compassion are the foundation of her simple and innate life. 70 years ago, no parent could even think of teaching a girl in the villages. Then her father took the initiative to impart her school education. She was the only girl in the entire class during college days. Anandiben had so much passion and awareness that she worked in the fields; on the other hand, became a teacher and carved the lives of hundreds of girls. Many such life experiences have built her life up to the pinnacle of idealism. Struggles inspired her to move forward continuously; and crafted her personality with utmost diligence and intelligence. Continuously moving towards new heights, she became an exemplary example of women empowerment by assimilating rich cultural and ideological values. In this journey, whenever she felt that injustice is being done, or the law is being disregarded, she made efforts to establish justice by forgetting whether the victim was known to her or an unknown person. Many such examples are visible from time to time in her life when she moved out of the box for social welfare. Politics has never been comfortable for women and they find it difficult to work in politics, but Anandiben's personality is meteoric as she reached the pinnacle as a politician. She always considered the constitution to be her monarchy by showing firm willpower, uplifted morale and astound dutifulness, which is exemplary for today's politicians. The whole of Gujarat honours her as 'sister', but in her whole personality there is a feeling of motherly affection. She has been the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and is currently the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, following the ideals and virtues solemnly and ideals.

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