Gift Lungs To Future Generations

Gift Lungs To Future Generations





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The biggest fall in human-values and human-civilization happened when the value of worshipping nature was replaced by the value of ‘exploiting’ the nature and its resources. This has led to an imbalance among various forces of nature. Our planet is on the verge of a catastrophe. Global warming is on the rise. Our air, water and land are polluted on an unprecedented level. Our forest-cover is fast depleting. Human being is fast destroying forests for his own needs and greed! If a human has destroyed forests, can he replenish the lost forest cover too? Can a forest be ‘developed’ or ‘created’? The answer to this question is yes. Yes, forests can be revived with the efforts of human beings. This book is based on this theme as how to replenish and recreate our lost forests. This book will teach you the concept of man-made Urban-Forest. It will also discuss what, how, when, where and why of an Urban-forest? It also teaches 51 steps to make an Urban-forest. Also, a brief introduction of the prevalent techniques of forest-making including Vrikshayurveda and Miyawaki and other methods are also discussed. Planting a forest is one of the best things you can do in your life for yourself as well as for generations to come. Trees are our ancestors and they give us the most vital thing—oxygen. We need lungs to filter the inhaled air. Similarly, forests filter the air and thus are the lungs of our planet. Let us gift a lung for the generations to come!

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