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In this novel | have tried to give a blend of mythology and the perineal values and emotions of the human beings. The characters here have been chosen from the pauranik literature and yet feelings and reactions they express are germane to what we find in all human beings. At the thematic level the central point of the novel presents the love between shiv and sati. It is related to the protection of the divinity and spirituality in the universe. It suggests the union between two forces — Shiv and Shakti. The essential elements in a cosmic planning. lf shiv is a great lover then Sati too is not wanting in longing for his love. However as it is sati’s father, great Prajapathi Daksh, the son of Brahma keeps an umbrage against shiv. He abhors shiv and Is openly against the matrimonial alliance between his daughter sati and shiv. From the very beginning sati knows that shiv is her eternal spouse. But Prajapathi Daksh is bent upon destroying this relationship. However by quirk of fate sati is married to shiv. Not withstanding all resistance, Daksh is compelled to give his daughter away to the person he dislikes most, Shiv. Deeply hurt Daksh is now looking for a chance to insult his son in law when he arranges a yagya and doesn't invite them. Sati burns her out there in yog Agni. | have presented this so repeated story from a different angle. The first person narration here has been used for the expansion of philosophy and thought that result in giving a contemporary canvas. | have visualised myself as Sati for exploring the in-depth feelings and emotions of a woman. The use of the montage technique has allowed me to pick up some stories from countless stories of shiv and sati and put them into an imaginative, an unputdownable literary piece.

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