Benjamin Graham: A Complete Biography (The Father of Value Investing)

Benjamin Graham: A Complete Biography (The Father of Value Investing)


Pushkar Kumar





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Widely known as the “Father of Value Investing”, Benjamin Graham was a British-born American researcher, economist, professor and investor. This book is an attempt by the author to introduce Benjamin Graham and his life to the world. So, that everyone could learn how he became an investing genius and what principles he followed to achieve success. He is the author of the popular investing book named “The Intelligent Investor”. The book is considered the investor’s bible. Graham has also written another founding text in neoclassical investing with David Dodd named “Security Analysis.” Benjamin Graham was the former mentor of the renowned investor Warren Buffett. He had many other outstanding disciples who had achieved substantial success in the world of investment, including Irving Kahn, Charles Brandes, William J. Ruane, Bert Olden and Walter J. Schloss. Moreover, he has been an inspiration to all who have ever wished to enter the world of investment.

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