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Hindutva is such a geo-cultural concept that has respect, place and feeling of coexistence for everybody. This synchronicity oriented cultural consciousness has made it quite liberal, tolerant and flexible. The situation deteriorated when cultures of external invaders taking advantage of the liberality of this overtolerant culture and started cutting very roots of the same. Too much permissiveness of Hindutva was treated as their cowardice and every possible effort was made to destroy all its basic elements. Even today, various kinds of conspiracies are being hatched with similar aim. Forbearance has turned the supporters and followers of ‘Hindutva’ i.e. ‘Indianness’ indifferent, impotent and fatalistic. The common-good-oriented philosophy of self- righteousness did not imply that on the level of this world and behaviour, we forget our duty towards ourselves and not be alert to self-defence. The policy of abandonment in the face of invaders has nothing to do with the philosophy and principle of coexistence and tolerance. Every time Hindutva failed to fight the invading enemies, they had to not only suffer humiliation but also live under their subjugation. Hindutva is so devoted to pursuit of truth that it does not compromise on any account. For Hindutva, existence of this world is not the real truth, rather it is an illusion; in other words, whatever is there in reality is a form of an eternal and true non-dual Brahman. —From this book

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