I Am Simran

I Am Simran


S.K. Narang





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464 mins

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Book Description

Destiny tossed her from one tragedy to another. Pushed into the dark lanes of hatred and neglect, love came not from known but from unknown. Happiness occasionally peeped in her life through small slits of life-window only to wither soon and make way for perpetual pain. Death, she thought, would have been more sympathetic than the cruelty of life but she was determined to live for a mission. Destiny defied even her noble thoughts and deeds. Lured by the charms of green pastures, love and trust were sacrificed by one who promised to be her life-partner. She finally discovered peace, tranquility and eternal bliss in the service of the destitute and in search of enlightenment. She lived for others. She discovered herself.

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